Glynis Ford

Glynis Ford
Staff Governor

I started working at Cliffdale Primary Academy in January 2013. I have enjoyed these four years where I have seen huge improvements and being part of a school that has made impressive progress in this time. I have taught in Upper School, first in Crocodile Class and now in Gorilla Class. I find my role as Classteacher very rewarding and look forward to working with the class team and the children in my class. I have been a teacher for fourteen years and prior to teaching at Cliffdale I worked in other special need schools and in mainstream schools. I have taught across the age range 4 – 16.

I am a teacher governor and have been in post for two years. I enjoy attending the Governing Body meetings and being the representative of the teaching staff at Cliffdale. I continue to learn as a Governor, but also feel that there are times where I can contribute positively to the meeting by making valid comments or affirm that Cliffdale is an amazing place to work and that we, as a school, always do our best for the children!